Sunday, August 20, 2017

UK: Pakistani community in Rotherham sees itself as the real victims

(Rotherham) There's been much furore in the UK of late over how to deal with the issue of Islamic (predominately Pakistani) rape gangs which, it has been revealed, have been allowed to operate across the land for years, safe in the knowledge that nobody would act due to the stupidity of those in power who saw pointing out the bleeding obvious as racism.

Anyway, as I mentioned, when Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, pointed out the above, she was forced to resign by members of her own party for expressing intolerance towards the Pakistani community. Well, today, The Guardian newspaper has followed that up with a piece about how the sizeable Pakistani community in Rotherham (where over 1,400 girls were raped by Pakistani males) feel that they are the victims here:

The thing is, whilst not everybody within the Pakistani community living in the UK is a rapist, a very large number of those arrested, charged and convicted of sexual indiscretions towards women (predominately little white girls) come from within that community. Such a close knit community and nobody bothered to address the situation either by informing their village elders, the authorities or even the police. They didn't, and instead of putting their hands up and admitting that something is very wrong inside the closed shop that is the Paksitani community, they come out with crap such as this:
Alam argues that already Champion’s wording has reinforced a prejudiced view of British Pakistani men. “How on earth are we going to expect impartial juries here? We are in a situation now where there is a complete abrogation from the executive, the legislative, in relation to the issue of Islamophobia and we need a strategic response from government. Thinking about the things Sarah has said, it’s almost like lighting the touch paper.”
“Sarah knows the issue and she knows the dangers of racialising the issue; such comments are astonishingly unhelpful.”
“People are asking where this has come from. Has she always had these views? It was unwise, in the most extreme sense, to betray an entire ethnic group and I still have no idea why she said it.
Welcome to the UK of today where mass rapists have become the victims.

Germany: Asylum seeker murdered his ex-girlfriend because she ditched him

(Muenster) 28-year-old Nigerian Anthony I' arrived in Germany in 2015, claiming asylum, stating that as he was a homosexual and the fact he’d been fighting Islamic terror group Boko Haram, his life was in danger and he sought safety in the first country he came to. The fact that there are numerous countries and a sea between Nigeria and Germany didn’t ring any bells with anybody.

Well, as one of the hundreds of thousands who also sought safety by seeking shelter in the first country they could get to, Anthony was placed in a local asylum seekers' home. There, whilst regurgitating stories of how he took it like a man whilst fighting toe to toe against Boko Haram, he met 21-year-old student Soopika Paramanathan, who in her spare time helped out at said asylum seeker home.

The pair dated, but after a month she broke off the relationship because 'She felt threatened by him’. That was September last year.

This February, Anthony, unable to accept that he wasn't the centre of the Earth, lay in wait for her after she visited a friend's house, and as she walked by, he attacked her, stabbing her repeatedly in the head, neck and breasts. She did try to defend herself with a pepper spray, but alas it didn’t work, and despite being rushed to the local hospital, she died. It appears that Anthony had thought his attack out, as he had brought along a suitcase and was in the process of shoving his victims body into it when he was stopped by other people. He then did a runner to Switzerland where he was arrested and returned to Germany. In court, Anthony I' has refused to speak, quite possibly because it has been exposed that he is a lying piece of shite who isn’t gay, a freedom fighter or even a f-ing asylum seeker.

The court case continues.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Russia: Muslim knife attacker wounds seven, shot dead

(Surgut) In the third Islamist attack against non-Muslims in the non-Islamic world, 19-year-old Artur Gadzhiev, the son of an 'extremist' and 'supporter' of radical Islam from Dagestan, decided to spoil as many people's Saturday as he could.

So, arming himself with a knife and wearing a fake suicide belt, he went on a rampage in the Russian city of Surgut, stabbing 8 people before he was shot dead by the police.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Vietnam confirms it has acquired BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles from India

(Hanoi) The Vietnamese, the masters of asymmetric warfare, have confirmed that they have purchased from India the BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles. A purchase which will surely infatuate the Chinese and make them tread very carefully in any future naval entanglements with the Vietnamese which until now they have used their sheer size in which to bully their much smaller neighbour:
in which to claim the entire South China sea. This in turn has lead to many of the smaller nations that border the South China increasing their military spending in which to counter the Chinese Dragon.

With the purchase of the BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles, Hanoi has gotten its hands on a unstoppable supersonic cruise missile which currently there is no known defence against, with a range of 280 miles, Vietnam now has a weapon which will make Beijing think twice regards venturing into Vietnamese waters.

UK: Islamic gun running gang jailed for 83 years

(Luton) A gang of British Muslims have been sentenced to a combined total of more than 83 years behind bars for their roles in conspiring to import into and distribute firearms in the UK. The gang were arrested after firearms were found hidden behind the dashboard of a hired Ford Mondeo estate.

Police started looking in their direction when in March 2016 a number of guns and ammunition were recovered by police after they were supplied to a criminal group based in Leicester.

In court, 39-year-old Muzaffer Ali was found guilty of conspiracy to import guns and ammunition and of the transfer of guns and ammunition. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

41-year-old Haroon Khatab was found guilty of conspiracy to import guns and ammunition and sentenced to a total of 19 years imprisonment.

25-year-old Sajid Khan was jailed for 18 years after being found guilty of conspiracy to import guns and ammunition and of the transfer of guns and ammunition.

39-year-old Khalid Hussain was found guilty of conspiracy to import guns and ammunition and sentenced to a total of 17 years.

20-year-old Faisal Mahmood pleaded guilty during the trial of the transfer of firearms and ammunition, sentenced to a total of 7 years and 10 months.

Morocco: 15 boys catch rabies after gang-raping donkey

(Sidi Al Kamel) 15 boys aged between 7 to 15, have had to be admitted to hospital after they all caught rabies after gang-raping a poor little donkey. The boys spent a week at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital in the rural town of Sidi Al Kamel receiving treatment and a rabies vaccination after contracting the disease.

However, it is feared that the number of children infected with the disease is much higher, with families taking their young children for tests in hospitals. Police are appealing to anyone who “approached” or “admired” the donkey to come forward in order to be tested for the disease and seek treatment. The poor donkey has since been put down.

UK: Policeman jailed for 6 years over child porn.

(Luton) 36 year old Bedfordshire Police Detective Constable Jamal Hassan, has today been removed from the Police  and jailed for six years after pleading guilty  to  three charges of making indecent photographs of children, possession of an extreme pornographic image, outraging public decency, four counts of misconduct and perverting the course of justice.

Bedfordshire Police was notified that Hassan’s online activity indicated he may have a sexual interest in children last May. Searches of his  home revealed almost 7,000 indecent images and videos of children stored on various devices. Further examination revealed appropriate videos Hassan had made of himself , including masturbating  in a child's bedroom whilst on duty. Evidence was also gathered which showed Hassan had destroyed other storage devices in a bid to cover his tracks.

Spain:'Bigger' attacks were prepared, Police issue pictures of wanted Muslims.

(Madrid) After the incidents this past 24 hours around Barcelona, it appears that despite the huge death toll of 13 and over 100 injured, the Spanish really dodged a bullet (and a number of bombs) as police investigations reveal that the Islamic plot to murder death kill could have been a lot worse if their initial plans hadn't gone tits up early.

It transpires that a house that exploded on Wednesday just down the coast from Barcelona was actually a bomb factory full of explosives which put paid to the plan of blowing people up. This is also believed to have precipitated the gang to put forward their planned day of rage from Friday (Islamic holy day) to the day before due to the fear of being found out.

Spanish police have now released pictures of 4 Islamic males whom they wish to track down.

Moussa Oukabir (left) is believed to have been killed, while (left to right) Said Aallaa, Mohamed Hychami and Younes Abouyaaqoub, remain at large.

Sky News have summed up the last 24 hours in the following most informative tweet:

Finland: 'Allahu Akbar' screaming attacker goes on rampage - two dead, several injured

(Turku) At around 1640hrs local time, a lone knifeman attacked random people, stabbing several people (including a mother and her baby). The Ilta-Sanomat tabloid said six people were injured in the attack, one man and five women, and that a woman with a stroller had been attacked by a man with a large knife. Finnish broadcaster YLE said several people were seen lying on the ground in Puutori Square after the attack. Finnish police have stated that they have shot and arrested one man and are not looking for anybody else.

So far, the identity of the suspect is unknown to the police, with the authorities checking with Europol to identify the attacker. According to Minister of the Interior Paula Risikko, “This is a foreign-looking person” and the Finnish Immigration Service will investigate whether he had a right to be in Finland.

From Mirror:
Armed police have opened fire on knife-wielding attacker who witnesses claim was 'screaming Allahu Akbar' as he went on a rampage 'randomly stabbing people' in Finland.

Two people have died in what people initially believed to be a terror-related incident - although police say it's too early to be certain and said this evening it is NOT currently being investigated as such.

Police earlier said "several people have been knifed" in the centre of Turku this afternoon - including 'a woman and a baby' in a pushchair, according to local media.

The knifeman has been identified as an 18 year old Moroccan and the authorities have deemed this a terrorist incident.

Philippines: Over 80 people killed over past 3 days after President Duterte said he wanted to see dozens of bodies per day

(Manila)  Not content with the ongoing crisis in the south of the country where after 3 months the battle for the city of Marawi still continues. Death toll as of the 13th August:

562 militants killed
9 militants captured
128 government forces killed
60 government forces missing
900 government forces wounded
119 civilians dead 
President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs continues unabated  with over 80 people killed by the Police over the past few days. Police operations in various parts of Bulacan, a province north of the capital, left 32 “drug dealers/users killed and over 100 others arrested.

Duterte has praised the operation in Bulacan, which took place from Monday night until Tuesday afternoon, and urged police to kill dozens of drug suspects every day.
“The ones who died recently in Bulacan, 32, in a massive raid, that was good,” Duterte said in a speech to an anti-crime organisation that has backed the drugs war. “If we could kill another 32 every day, then maybe we can reduce what ails this country.”
Naturally Human rights groups have complained about the killings of so many people associated with drugs  by saying he may be overseeing crimes against humanity in his brutal anti-drugs campaign, which has left thousands dead. In return Duterte  has said he would investigate human rights defenders criticising him, or order officers to kill them.
“One of these days, you human rights groups, I will also investigate you. That’s the truth. For conspiracy,” If they are obstructing justice, you shoot them, So they can really see the kind of human rights.”

Spain: Terror attacks Parts 2 and 3: 6 Terrorists shot dead.

(Cambrils) After the terrorist attack yesterday in Barcelona where 13 people were killed when a Van was driven through a busy shopping centre.  Spanish police were on heighten alert and last night that pro-activeness paid dividends when 3 hours after that initial attack a vehicle was driven into a Police checkpoint  on the edge of Barcelona in  Sant Just Desvern, Police fired into the vehicle killing the Driver (Who has yet to be identified) 

Then at 1am Friday morning  around 70 miles away in the town of Cambrils another vehicle was driven into a Police checkpoint injuring 7 people. Unfortunately for the attackers, their Audi A3 overturned and when the 5 men inside dressed in fake suicide vests and armed with knives staggered out, they were all shot dead. 

It is now believed that part of this Islamist cell is thought to have blown itself up in the early hours of Thursday morning while trying to assemble a bomb in a house in another coastal town, Alcanar Platja, some 200km south along the coast from Barcelona. One person was killed and another wounded in an initial explosion that destroyed the house. Police and firefighters who came to the scene were wounded by a second blast.

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