Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Belgium: Three companies in court over chemical exports to Syria

(Brussels)  One thing I've noticed these past few years is how pressure groups love to claim that the US and Uk armed the most despotic regimes going, without providing any evidence or remaining silent on those that actually did. So we've all heard how the US and Uk armed Saddam, yet the fact remains his armoury of weapons have very few systems with a made in the US or UK stamp on them. (If you feel I am incorrect here, please be so kind as to prove me wrong with facts)  Which kind of explained all the Russian,Chinese, French, South African and Serbian weapon systems found within Iraq. Of late the country in question has moved North West to Syria and again the ethical latte drinkers have said the exact same thing and yet the vast majority of weapons are again Russian, Chinese and Eastern European and it was the same with Chemicals, In Iraq it was found that Germany built the chemical plants and Holland supplied the chemicals and in Syria it has been found that Belgium, (The country which loves to take the moral high ground when it comes to the US and UK) has been selling chemicals to Assad since 2013. The export of chemicals to Syria has been subject to special authorisation since 2013, but Belgian customs apparently did not take into account the ban of the International Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons of the United Nations.

Which is why the court case for 3 companies (AAE Chemie, Danmar Logistics, and intermediary Anex Customs) will begin next month in Antwerp over the export of several chemical substances between 2014 and 2016 to the Assad regime.The firms say they acted with the consent of Belgian customs officials between 2014 and 2016 but were subsequently alleged to have failed to apply for the permits that would protect them from falling afoul of the current global ban on exports.

How strange that those who claim to have the highest moral standards (during the 1991 Gulf war, Belgium refused to sell the Uk 120 mm tank ammunition (A fellow NATO member) as the Uk was part of the coalition which helped kick Iraq out of Kuwait which it has captured and occupied in 1990)  have no problem breaking their own ethical guidelines in which to make a quick buck from a despotic dictator. 

Canada: Van driven into crowd 10 people killed.

(Toronto)  As you may have heard a nutter drove into pedestrians in northern Toronto on Monday, killing 10 and injuring 15.

At around 13.30 hrs local time a white rental van mounted the kerb on Yonge Street between Finch Avenue and Sheppard Avenue and drove into pedestrians along a 2km (1.24 mile) stretch. The driver 25 year old Alek Minassian, when cornered by police, pulled out a gun and demanded that police shoot him, they didn't (brave police) and he is currently been questioned.

France: Muslims not happy over Anti-Semitism letter

(Paris)  On Sunday over 300 intellectuals published a letter to French Muslims complaining about the rise of Anti-Semitism across the country pointing the finger of blame at "Islamist radicalisation" for what it said was "quiet ethnic purging" in the Paris region, with abuse forcing Jewish families to move out and demanding  for verses in the Koran calling for the "murder and punishment of Jews, Christians and disbelievers" to be removed on the grounds that they are "obsolete". The letter said that since 2006, "11 Jews have been assassinated (and some tortured ) by radical Islamists because they were Jewish". The latest attack rocked France last month when two perpetrators stabbed an 85-year-old Jewish woman 11 times before setting her body on fire, in a crime treated as anti-Semitic.

Well , that hasn't gone down well with the Islamic population in France who rose to anger Monday who said their religion was being unfairly "put on trial". Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, said the manifesto "subjected French Muslims and French Islam to an unbelievable and unfair trial".
 "It creates a clear risk of pitching religious communities against one another,"
Tareq Oubrou, imam of the Grand Mosque of the southern city of the Bordeaux, pointed out that Islam was not the only religion whose ancient holy texts contain anachronistic passages.
 "Any number of holy texts are violent, even the Gospel," Oubrou said, adding that the signatories, who also included celebrities like actor Gerard Depardieu, had misinterpreted the Koran.
Anybody else notice how the faith which is promoted as magnanimous, caring and beyond approach , which demands others change their ways to accommodate their more odious practices ( Misogyny, Racism, Homophobia, Child abuse etc)  plays the victim card when asked to change. Why isn't that the actions of a ...bully.

Holland: Asylum seekers not happy to clean up their own living accommodation

(Alkmaar)  Asylum seekers in one centre in Holland are angry.  Boy are they angry.   It appears that whilst they are afforded separate living spaces, they share ablutions  and whereupon until last week the Government had a private cleaning company come in to clean up for these people seeking safety from intolerance the world over,  now they have to clean up behind them and they are making a huge stink about the whole affair.

You see the vast majority of residents don’t use toilet paper, rather they use their hands and water to clean themselves after they have used the toilet. Add the fact they don’t actually sit on the toilet, but squat on it and you find that excrement, cleaning water goes all over the place. But the best part until last week was a private cleaning company was paid to clean up the mess left behind. Well no more, now the residents have to clean up the mess they have made themselves. Not only that, but all the ablutions have had locks fitted and they can only be signed out on the deposit of 20 Euros in which to allow the management keep control and the natives aren’t happy.

Ahmad from Palestine
"The leadership wants us to scrub the toilets on our knees and then we are also forced to pay for a key They say I have to relax. But how can I relax if I cannot even shit without a key? . Give me a private toilet and I'll rub it from bottom to top. But I'm not going to clean up the shit of others.
Abu Barak from Syria:
'I'm in shock', Is this the Netherlands?
"Even the prisons in Syria are better!"

 It appears, that these poor people who have travelled through many countries in which to find asylum and safety aren't prepared to even to clean up behind themselves and feel that those below them should be doing this for them. I mean its not as if they are paying for anything are they?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Pounce: Bike ride.

I'm quite lucky in that I live out in the country. Today was a nice day , so I popped out for a bike ride. Here's a few snaps I took with my phone:

Interlude:Phantom of the Opera :The Music Of The Night

Thursday, April 19, 2018

UK: Yet another Islamic rape gang jailed

(Burton-on-Trent) In the Midlands of the Uk . 3 Islamic males have been jailed over how they groomed and raped teenagers.

Taiyab Hussain, Shaheem Ratyal and Sohail Ali, all aged 19, and 18-year-old Mohammed Rizwan, were arrested after a teenager realised she had been groomed after watching a sex education video.

Police investigations revealed she wasn’t alone and that so far another 3 teenage victims have come forward, one a 13 year old child. What makes this story even more damning is the offences transpired between December 2016 and March 2017. 5 to 6 years after the prevalence of Islamic rape gangs came to the attention of media and the jailing of hundreds of Islamic males with a penchant for  little girls.  You’d think the message that shagging little girls is a big NO NO, but apparently not and now these mightly Islamic heroes can find out the hard way what it is like to be somebodies bitch in the Prison showers.

Just what is it about Muslims and raping little girls?

France: Algerian woman denied citizenship after she refused to shake the hand of an official.

(Paris) The highest administrative court in France has upheld the decision to deny a French passport to an Algerian Muslim who refused to shake hands with officials during her citizenship ceremony.

In 2016 the women was applying for French citizenship refused to shake hands with a senior official presiding over the citizenship ceremony as well as with a local politician. That act saw her bid to become French (and all the rights and benefits that come with it) thrown out of the window. She appealed calling it an “abuse of power” and that appeal has also been thrown out of the window.
The government said that her behaviour showed she was “not assimilated into the French community”, one of the reasons it could invoke under the civil code to deny citizenship for the spouse of a French national.

I’m all for people being different and having different ways, but when it impacts on the very fabric of society promoting and leading to religion taking precedent over the laws of the land which afford Liberté, égalité, fraternité to all then, I cannot understand why so many people who subscribe to a polarised religious way of life would want to become French in the first place. It would benefit us all if these people explained why?