Wednesday, March 21, 2018

UK: Today's news from Bedford

21-year-old barber Abdulrahim Omar, was arrested on December 18 after he decided to humiliate a 10 year old child by shaving off his hair. During his arrest Omar, accepted what had happened saying he had done it to teach the boy a lesson. He said the boy had been using a razor himself and he wanted to teach him that they are dangerous which doesn't explain why Omar had laughed at him afterwards. He has been found guilty of actual bodily harm and will be sentenced next month.

Police are searching for 2 Asian men after they robbed a bike at knife point. (In the UK, Asian is the politically correct way of saying... Muslims.)

25-year-old Mustafa Ali, has been sentenced to a minimum of 16 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to stealing jewellery and watches worth more than £15,000 from a jewellers in Bedford, leaving a member of staff with facial injuries after hitting her with a gun. His partner in crime, Michael Adiat, received a 12-year sentence.

UK: Islamic teacher spared jail for touching up kids, because his wife can't speak English

(Preston) 40 year Suleman Maknojioa as a hafiz (somebody who has memorised the Koran) was seen by the Islamic community as somebody to be respected and so they had no problem allowing him to teach their children the Koran.  

 Suleman Maknojioa paedophile.

Unfortunately for one family, that was a huge mistake , as it allowed this nonce to sate his paedophilic urges. The poor 11 year old victim was too terrified to say anything about how his hands liked to wander, however the mother overheard her 13 year old and 7 year old sons talking about what was happening and called the police. In court Suleman claimed he believed the touching was “appropriate” to reassure her, but the court was having none of that and he was sentenced to 40 weeks in prison. However that was suspended as it transpired his wife can’t speak English, that she requires help to look after their 6 children and he is a sick man living on benefits.

And people wonder why so many Muslims want to come to the UK, when not only are they given a home and funding for as many children they can push out, but are allowed to rape as many little girls as they want and be allowed to get away with it.

Sweden: 24 year old migrant fined for masturbating on a Bus.

(Malmo) In June 2016 a 24 year old migrant moved from the front of the bus he was sat on, to sit next to a 28 year old woman. Once there, he decided to get his penis out and start to jerk off next to the woman. She was having none of this pushed him away and reported him to the driver, who in turn called the Police, who arrested him.

In court last friday, the migrant explained his embarrassing predicament down to the fact he was wearing tight underwear and thus when he sat down it just happened to pop out, he did try to push it back, but it kept on popping out  and thus gave the impression he was masturbating. The thing is, he couldn't explain how he was watching porn on his film at the time. He was fined as a sex pest. 

Somalia: 2 terrorists taken out by US airstrike

(Mogadishu) The United States military  has reported that its special forces conducted an airstrike against Al-Shabaab terrorists in southern Somalia on Monday, killing two terrorists and wounding three others.

The U.S. Africa Command (Africom) said the airstrike which was conducted in cooperation with Somali government near Mubaarak region also destroyed a vehicle

India: Gun battle between Indian Army and Pakistani terrorists sees 8 killed.

(Kashmir)  Pakistan like every Islamic country in the world is unable to live in peace with its neighbours and today a bunch of its so called holy warriors (Aka Islamic terrorists) decided to target an Indian security patrol in the Indian district of Kashmir, which Pakistan claims as its own due to the fact it contains Muslims (Watch out London,Bradford and Paris) killing 4 Indians at the cost of 4 of their own.

The security forces were carrying out a search operation in forests around Kupwara, 95 km (60 miles) north of Srinagar

Austria: Diplomat sent home from Israel for posing in 'Nazi' shirt

(Wien) The Austrian Government has had to recall one of its diplomats back home from Israel after he decided to air pictures of himself wearing Nazis Uniforms on Social Media weeks after taking office in Israel . If that wasnt bad enough it transpires that Juergen-Michael Kleppich had not only posted pictures of his grandfather in Nazis uniforms, he had also supported somebody who had to resign over his Nazis links.

What is really troubling above the above, is how rightwing bigots feel confident enough to air their dirty washing in Public, something that is been seen more and more across Europe. 

Afghanistan: Idiots see in Iranian New Year by killing 29 and injuring another 52.

(Kabul) It appears those followers of the religion of peace and understanding didn’t like the idea that a load of Shia Muslims would get together in which to see in the Iranian New Year.  Which is why an ‘Allah ackba’ uttering idiot popped along to spoil the revellers day, which he did by murdering at least 29 people and wounding another 52  near a shrine in the Afghan capital Kabul.

And Muslims around the world complain about ‘Islamophobia’ (Which in the UK means somebody writing on the Net) meanwhile they remain silent on the ugliness  found within their ethnically pure homelands, which funny enough they can’t leave fast enough, in which to find sanctuary in the West, where the first thing they do is recreate the exact conditions which forced them to leave in the first place.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

UK: Algerian Couple in court for murdering French nanny whom they accused of witchcraft.

(London) There's a very strange court case currently under way in the UK.Algerians Sabrina Kouider and her partner Ouissem Medouni are in the dock over the torture, murder and burning of their 21 year old French nanny Sophie Lionnet last September.

Algerians Sabrina Kouider and  Ouissem Medouni 
It transpires that the couple accused the nanny of stealing a ring, of practicing in witchcraft and having sex. For these outlandish allegations, they proceeded to starve her, tortured her, made her make confessions on film that she had sex and then murdered her. Which naturally as they are Algerians, they deny.

Sophie Lionnet
The couple were caught after neighbours complained to the Police of a strange smell coming from a bonfire from a neighbours garden. When they investigated they found the body of Sophie, which was so badly disfigured, they couldn’t tell if it was male or female. Both suspects appeared in court via video feeds from their respective prisons, where they claimed their innocence via the use of an interpreter (Strange how both could live so well running businesses in the Uk, without the use of one) However the court heard  heard how Ms Kouider accused her nanny of being in cahoots with an ex boyfriend and said he controlled her through black magic. She even falsely labelled that ex boyfriend a paedophile in a fake Facebook account, the court heard. Jurors were told the allegations against Miss Lionnet and the ex boyfriend were "quite untrue".

It also emerged Miss Lionnet confided in a local chip shop owner that she was being beaten by Ms Kouider. She regularly visited the takeaway, often dressed in the same clothes, and ate chips at speed as if she was hungry. Yet nobody thought of informing the police. 

They also recorded Sophies torture, on one of the recordings of the murdered girl  Algerian Sabrina Kouider  is heard to scream :
"You destroy everything. I was trying to find myself again. I pray to god not to make me touch you. I don't want to make my hands dirty."

Witchcraft, prays to god, and from Algeria, sounds a lot like the followers of the peaceful religion have struck again. Despite all the evidence this ugly couple are currently playing the victim card.

Gaza: French consulate worker smuggled weapons for Hamas

(Jerusalem) Romain Franck from  the French Consulate in Jerusalem has been arrested for smuggling weapons from Gaza into East Jerusalem and the West Bank using his diplomatic immunity Apparently Franck smuggled weapons through the crossing on five separate occasions over the last two months, including over 70 guns and two assault rifles through the Erez Border Crossing between Gaza and Israel using a consular vehicle, which goes through reduced security checks because of its diplomatic status. Apparently he  received the weapons from a Palestinian employed at the French Cultural Centre in Gaza and transferred them to a third person in the West Bank.

Always said you can’t trust the French.

Germany: Court rejects Niqab driver's complaint

(Karlsruhe)  A Muslim woman banned from driving in Germany due to her wearing the full Islamic face veil, wasn’t happy, so took the government to court in which to try and get the ban lifted.
 Unfortunately for her the court ruled that the law did not violate her religious freedom. She didn’t help her own case by failing to explain how she faced harm by driving unveiled. German traffic laws, insist that drivers must have "unhindered all-around visibility" in order to protect other drivers and may "not cover up or obscure their face so that it is no longer recognizable. The law, which was approved in September last year, also aims to help police identify and prosecute drivers for traffic violations.

UK: Mohammed in court after driving a car into a packed nightclub

(Chatham)  21 year old Mohammed Abdul was refused entry into Blake's nightclub in Gravesend last Saturday evening . Angry about how his honour had been offended on being refused entry into a place where scantly dressed women mix with unrelated males whilst partaking in alcohol. Mohammed went back to his car and decided to teach the kuffer a lesson.

Which is why he was in court yesterday charged with driving his car into the nightclub just before midnight on Saturday evening injuring over 13 people. Thankfully nobody was killed.  

The British Police have ensured that this story has been quickly covered up. (See if you can find it on the bBC news website without using Mohammed's name) and have issued a nothing to worry about disclaimer.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Russia: Putin wins election with 75% of vote.

(Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin has secured an expected victory in the presidential election. With more than half of ballots counted, he had received 75% of the vote, that said the main opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, was barred from the race. Addressing a rally in Moscow after the early results were declared, Mr Putin said voters had "recognised the achievements of the last few years".  Personally I feel this episode of Blackadder sums up the Russian election.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

How the Chinese see Europe

(Foreign Policy)   has complied via the use of internet search queries on Chinese search engines  on how the Chinese see Europe, or more precisely Europeans. Yes its half in jest, but what 1.4 billion people think must count for something:

Syria: Turks finally take Afrin after 2 months of hard slog.

(Syria) The Turkish army has after 2 months of its so called Operation Olive Branch finally ethically cleansed the Kurds from an area of Syria they have lived in for thousands of years. Despite only advancing 15 kilometres , that task  took them over 2 months of hard slog. Funny enough almost 100 years ago, the Turks were doing likewise with the Armenians and then as in now the world has remained silent on yet another genocide carried out in the name of Allah, which this time has been carried out on..Muslims.

Funny enough in 1939, another short arsed dictator had this to say about what the Turks did in which to wage his own war of genocide:
"Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"

It appears we never learn, do we. But hey the UN has no problem bitching about the Jew.

UK: Italy to investigate Egyptian murdered on British streets as British Police are powerless when it concerns Black thugs

(Nottingham) 18 year old Engineering  student Mariam Moustafa, was attacked in the centre of Nottingham city centre by a gang of 10 women,  when she tried to escape by boarding a bus, the feral gang followed her onto the bus and attacked her some more. She was taken to Hospital where she died on Wednesday after almost a month in a coma.

Police rounded up the gang and a 17-year-old girl, who was arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, remains on bail. Get that ‘suspicion of assault’ despite the entire incident been caught on video.  But what makes this sad story even worse is Mariam Moustafa and her sister had been attacked by the same feral gang last August and in that incident her 16 year old sisters leg hadbeen broken.  2 assaults in the city centre and the British police are unable to join the dots. The funny thing is Mariam Moustafa is the child of Egyptian nationals born in Italy. She is also a Muslim and yet the British police have refused to call this a hate racist crime, be it based on the colour of her skin or on her religion, which is funny as the media and Police in the Uk have no problem playing those cards when the attackers are white , so why not now.

Simple the thugs who attacked Mariam are black and in the UK black trumps everything when you are in the dock. Which is why the British Police are saying this wasn't a hate crime. That people is how pathetic the British police have become where they refuse to take action when the thugs are blacks as they don’t wish to have somebody play the race card.  Which is why the Italian police are now going to open up an investigation in the murder of 18 Mariam Moustafa.

UK: Deported Afghan jailed for rape

(Coventry) 27 year old Afghan Masud Wakilki, decided he wanted a  new home, money in his pocket and the ability to play the race card in which to excuse his peccadilloes so he travelled to the Uk in 2007, however the Uk  authorities were having nothing to do with, so they deported his arse back to Afghanistan in 2010. Not one to give up on a chance on much better life funded by Western tax payers 9 months later he moved to Italy where he bided his time until last year to try and claim asylum , they checked his details and found he had claimed asylum first in the UK and so they deported him to a country which has deported him 7 year previous. As the British civil service are so fucking great nobody decided to check why somebody who first claimed asylum in the Uk was reclaiming in Italy and so Wakilki found himself back in the UK living off the British taxpayer.

Last September Wakili cane across a young woman who was drunk in Coventry city centre, offering her another drink, he took her to a stairwell of a nearby block of flats and raped her. Unfortunately for our Afghan rapist his 4 minutes of pleasure (time from when he  left the lift to the time he returned re-buttoning your trousers) was caught on video. He was arrested not long after and last week he was jailed for 8 years (meaning 4) and placed on the sex offenders list for life – but is expected to be deported when he has served his sentence. Get that expected, the civil servants in this country are pathetic and are unable to do the job they are paid to do. Which is how this poor girl was allowed to be raped in the first place.

Mayotte : Indian Ocean Island has huge problems with African migrants.

(Mamoudzou)   Mayotte is an island of 250,000 people that is part of the Comoros archipelago off the coast of Africa. It is also French territory, which is why thousands of migrants from elsewhere have taken the journey to the Island. In which to find a better life which apparently independence from their European masters was to give them.

As in Europe, Australia and America, the younger newcomers know only one thing and that is violence and as they are juveniles, the French police based on the Island have to subscribe to European laws and thus these thugs find themselves laughing as they walk free time and time again.  
The number of newcomers is so large that 70% of the 10,000 babies born every year in the island's only maternity hospital are born to illegal migrants, recently the schools had to close down after armed gangs armed with knives decided to use them as a shopping centre, albeit with violence .

So unlike the placid first world populations, where the ‘R’ is brought out time and time again , the locals here have decided to start rounding up these thugs, unfortunately these thugs will simply be released and they will continue doing what a lot of these African itinerants across the first world do, causing trouble.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Interlude: Martha and the Vandellas - Nowhere To Run

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Germany: Failed Afghan asylum seeker murders girlfriend for refusing to cover up.

(Flensberg)  Police yesterday arrested failed 18 year old Afghan asylum seeker Ahmed G for the murder of his 17 year old girlfriend. Ahmed who arrived in the county in 2015, was placed in accommodation where he met Mirielle B and they quickly became an item.

Initially she started wearing the hijab and such in which to please Ahmed, however of late, she had taken that oppressive Islamic garment off and that in turn led to many arguments over how he felt that he should have total control over everything she did (Like all Islamic males demand over women)  It appears that the straw that broke the camels back was how she refused to convert to Islam and thus having lost his honour Ahmed made his girlfriend pay, which he did on monday by stabbing her to death.

And liberals keep on telling me that Islam is a religion of peace, that there is no compulsion for people to join and that Islam respects women. Apparently not in Germany it seems. 

Cats rule, dogs drool.

I grew up in a house with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a Horse.(The horse had its own stables) and my ginger cat acted exactly like this around the others.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

UK: Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Socialist opposition shows support for...Russia

(London) The British Government has taken action against Russia over the nerve agent poisoning of a former Russian spy living in the UK by expelling 23 Russian diplomats from the Uk, who have been identified as "undeclared intelligence officers".

Whilst nearly all the House supported the Prime minster in taking his action , the leader of the opposition , drew the wrath of nearly everybody by supporting the Russians, not only that, but today whilst answering questions in parliament one of his socialist mates Christopher Williamson decided to display a copy of 'Morning Star' (A communist paper) for all the world to see in which to express his support for Russia and not the UK.

Sweden: TV reports paints gang of 4 migrant rapists as..victims.

(Stockholm) Swedish police on Tuesday arrested four boys between the ages of 15 and 16 for a rape committed in the city of Malmö on the 3rd February. That rape was one of many which has beset the city this past month and no doubt the police must be happy at apprehending one of the gangs concerned. However the TV report on this arrest by SVT the Swedish national public TV broadcaster has angered the country, why? Because they painted the rapists as...victims. In the two-minute report. People from the social services and the police are interviewed as stressing that children who commit such crimes are always victims. Göran Eklund, from SVT issued a reply to the growing criticism:

"With this report, we wanted to draw attention to the fact that the suspected offenders are very young. We interviewed the police and the social services who work with this and they shared their thoughts. Our intention has never been to belittle the reported gang rape…. In retrospect, I can see that the report would have been improved if the affected woman's perspective had been included. We will complement our report with that perspective,"
What is it with liberals, who whilst bemoaning President Trump for words he said years ago, remain silent on actual rapes carried out a few weeks ago.

Pakistan: Suicide attack, kills 9

(Lahore) At least nine people including five policemen were killed and 35 others injured in a suicide in Pakistan.

The bomb blast which has been claimed by the Taliban ripped through a police checkpoint on the outskirts of the Pakistani city of Lahore on Wednesday, killing nine people and wounding 35. Speaking to the media Deputy Inspector General of police Haider Ashraf stated that the attack was timed to coincide with the changing of the guard at a check point  set up for the security of the annual congregation of Tableeghi Jamaat in Raiwind.

Israel: Orders New Armoured vehicle.

(Jerusalem)   The Israeli government on Sunday revealed that they have ordered hundreds of Eitan wheeled IFVs to replace the ancient but ubiquitous M113 APC which first saw service in 1960. The Eitan is an 8 wheeled armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) developed to replace the ageing M113 armoured personnel carrier utilised by the Israel Defence Forces as its main battlefield taxis.

Where the M113 has become a death trap for soldiers on the forward edge battle area , the Eitan was developed following of the lessons learned during the Gaza war Operation Protective Edge in 2014 and has been designed to offer far more protection to  troops from mines and RPGs and is set to be further uparmoured by being fitted with the trophy APS . The vehicle has a top speed of 90 km/h and can carry 12 men including 3 crew. According the Israeli Ministry of Defence, the Eitan is one of the world's most advanced and protected wheeled combat vehicle.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Austria: Afghan arrested for attacking Policeman outside Parliament.

(Wien)  Austrian police this morning arrested an Afghan male who attacked a policeman outside Parliament.

At around 0800hrs the 26 year old Afghan approached the policeman on duty inside his car and started a conversation , suddenly and without warning he tried to drag the Policeman through the open car window , after a dose of pepper spray the man was arrested.

Currently Austrian is on high alert after a spate of stabbings in the capital, last week 3 people were stabbed by an Afghan male, over the weekend an Egyptian was shot dead after he attacked soldiers patrolling outside the Iranian ambassador's residence,

Germany:Volkswagen ordered to re-instate ISIS supporter who threatened co-workers

(Hanover)  A court case in Germany has seen the car giant Volkswagen (VW) been forced to rehire a ISIS supporter who was sacked after he threatened his work mates with violence on been denied to fly out of the country to Turkey in which to join ISIS .

Samir B who is of German-Algerian descent worked as a tire fitter at the company’s Wolfsberg factory. In 2014 2 of his Islamic workmates flew out to Syria and died fighting for ISIS. That same year Samir tried to follow them, but was stopped at Hanover Airport by the Police Carrying   9,350 euros in cash (£8,293) and a drone.
Naturally he wasn’t happy as been able to give his life in which to kill the unbeliever .  He returned back to his day job, where he ruminated and festered.  VW  was forced to sack him after it was found he had not only threatened to kill his fellow workmates, but he was actively supporting and recruiting for ISIS on the factory floor.

Well that really did get Samirs goat, and he sued for wrongful dismal. VW has offered him a 65,000 euro settlement in which keep him out of the factory, but his lawyer refused after Samir asked about a better deal  and yesterday the Hanover State Employment Court ruled in his favour and  Samir gets to go back to his old job.

Turkey: Turkish Taxis drivers blame Jews for Uber.

(Istanbul)  Taxis drivers in Turkey havn't taken well to the introduction of Uber into the country. In fact so angry are they at Uber they have taken to violently attacking uber drivers.

The Istanbul Taxi Drivers Tradesmen’s Association (İTEO) not happy how Uber drivers are still working despite acts of violence have taken Uber to court and at a rally outside Istanbul’s Çağlayan Courthouse, where the lawsuit against Uber is taking place, İTEO President Eyüp Aksu  exclaimed to the world:
“The thieving global Jewish lobby serves taxi piracy in Turkey.”

When questioned by the media regards his Anti Semitic outburst  Aksu accused the media of being biased against the taxi drivers.

Monday, March 12, 2018

UK: Canadian banned from entering Britain for handing out Allah is gay leaflets.

(London)  In the UK, Canadian far-right political activist Lauren Southern has been banned from entering the country (This from a UK, which can't stop hundreds of thousands of third world people people sneaking into the country and then fails to deport them)

According to the above letter she is banned from entering the Uk for handing out racist material in Luton last month . Ok, I was intrigued and looked up exactly what that racist material was and I was somewhat surprised at what the British authorities class as racist. Here is a tweet of Miss Southern handing out what the British Government claims is racist:
and here is the leaflet in question:

Hang on, the British Government,Media and pressure groups have been shoving it down my throat on a daily basis that being Lesbian, Gay , Bi and Trans is normal (And I fully agree with that) Yet a woman is banned from entering the UK form promoting that message. Not 2 years ago the British Prime Minister publicly promoted that message. The Police in Bedford, where Luton is situated has
Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers whose mission statement reads:
Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers (LAGLOs) are police officers and staff who are dedicated to supporting our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) communities.
Yet somebody who promotes the very message the Government and Police support is deemed Racist. Instead of asking who found the above message racist, the political correct arseholes in the UK found the woman promoting LGBT diversity guilty of spreading hate.

UK: Girl had FGM carried out as Punishment.

(London)  Currently in the Uk there is court case concerning a 50 year old African man who claims he  had his daughter mutilated by having female genital mutilation carried out on her as a form of punishment for stealing money.

I'm a little concerned how this barbaric act which has inserted itself into the West world initially under the cover of religious and cultural practices which sees hundreds of thousands of victims in the Uk alone has yet to see one person in the UK prosecuted despite the practice been outlawed since 1985 , that's 33 years and everytime somebody finds themselves in court they are let off as somehow a victim of the British . Which brings me back to this case, the man who pleads not guilty to having his daughter cut is using the 'punishment' angle and no doubt, (And I will put money on this) he will walk free from court.

It appears that in order to be not seen as racist, the British are more than happy to see hundreds of thousands girls mutilated. I mean its not as if they acted promptly over the thousands of rapes of little girls across the UK by Muslims. 

UK: British Police see defacement of anti-Semitic AL Quds day poster as... criminal act.

(LutonAl Quds day is when all the Muslims around the world openly protest abut the state of Israel, how they demand that it is destroyed and how all the Jews should be killed. In the UK, the event is run by the so called Islamic Human Rights Commission, (IHRC) which is anything but, and is actually a vehicle for Iranian funded anti-Semitism. In 2015 2 months after the Charlie Hebdo shootings where 12 people were murdered in cold blood by Islamic terrorists , IHRC awarded Charlie Hebdo a price for being 'the world's most Islamophobic person or publication' in 2015.

Anyway a Street poster advertising Al Quds day was put up in the Islamic ghetto of Luton and somebody added via the use of a spray can the following words:
"ban race hate posters"
and the British Police have taken it upon themselves to class that as a crime. I kid you not. 

Yet when liberals and Muslims  deface posters for their own ideological purposes, the police couldn't give a shit. But when its a poster advertising the destruction of a country and its peoples, why that's a racist hate crime and must be looked into.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Iraq: Speaks about its Chinese CH4 UAVs.

(Baghdad)  The liberal world hate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) aka Drones by Western nations in which to play the asymmetric game of war with asymmetric terrorists. Yet whilst defending terrorists who find hey no longer have anywhere to hide in areas that are loyal to their brand of religious bigotry . These so called human rights champions remain every so silent on the use of combat UAVs in use by non-western nations, countries such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Pakistan , Egypt and  Iraq who have all found a taste for the Chinese CH4 Rainbow drone. In fact Iraq released a video of their CH4 last month:

These drones in use by the Iraqi Army's air force since 2014, have mainly contributed to reconnaissance and strike missions against terrorists in the northwestern part of Iraq. According to the video's commentator, the CH-4s have already conducted as many as 260 Air-Ground strikes against the major targets of the Islamic State, with a 100% success rate. An Iraqi army brigadier general reports that the drones have demonstrated their reliability throughout the missions assigned to them, and is especially appreciated by the precision of its weapons strikes which allow them to hit all kinds of targets on the ground, such as car bombs even before they get close to their victims. Another Iraqi commander reiterates the above by saying that the drone has achieved "exceptional performances" during the battles in the provinces of Nineveh and Salah ad-Din, thanks to its reliability and the precision of its weapons and reconnaissance systems, to perform strikes in depth and without risking the lives of soldiers on the ground.

Unlike the Western UAV operators, I doubt if collateral damage is an issue, and also like the Western states, China doesn't give a jot who is buying. Funny how the ethical latte drinkers are so quiet on this subject.

Russia: I love this video

Germany: 16 year old girl stabbed at Nightclub by Eritrean Migrant.

(Rosenheim) Police have arrested a 22 year old asylum seeker from Eritrea, after he stabbed a 16 year old girl dancing on the dance-floor of the Gatsby night club in the city of Rosenhiem. 

The injured girl suffered upper body injuries that did not turn out to be life threatening. The attacker was detained by the security service and handed over to the police. Maybe he was offended by her dancing

Trinidad: Cutlass-wielding Hamid shot dead by Police inside local mosque.

(Sangre Grande) Police who were called out to reports of a cutlass wielding man at the local mosque,  had to shoot dead 46 year old Ashrudeen Hamid after he lunged at a female police officer who slipped in front of him, whilst trying to get him to drop his weapon.

Hamid, who has a history of mental problems, ran into the Sangre Grande Masjid  at around 1715hrs last Thursday while prayers were going on armed with a cutlass and looking to settle a score. The police  were called and on their arrival Hamid refused to drop the cutlass and tried several times to strike  them as they drew near to him. A Female officer, who was attempting to get him to drop the weapon, slipped and fell during the negotiation and he lunged at hr. However, officers shot him, he was taken to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Can somebody please explain why so many Muslims found guilty of murder and such are always diagnosed as suffering from mental health issues?

Sweden: To clamp down Islamic Koranic schools.

(Stockholm) In a move which will grate with Sweden’s Islamic population, the Government has revealed plans to ban groups who do not support gender equality from starting or running schools, the country’s education minister. As Islamic children have to attend daily evening classes run inside local mosques in which to be taught the Koran, this will surely have an impact on the religious brainwashing  that is endemic within the Islamic community inside Sweden. Gustav Fridolin the Swedish education minister writing an article in the  Aftonbladetnewspaper states:

“No child in any Swedish school shall be subjected to direct or indirect compulsion to participate in religious activities and all teaching shall be completely free of religious influence. The school shall actively promote equality and everyone's equal rights and opportunities, and shall allow students to develop their skills and interests independently of gender identity. It shall apply without restriction.”
Fantastic news, however expect a lot of protests by the usual suspects who will naturally play the human rights and racism card.

UK: Thousands more girls found to have been raped by the usual suspects.

(Telford)  After 18 months of investigation the Sunday Mirror (A leftwing newspaper) has come out with the following story:

The paper reveals that over a 40 year period up to 1,000 little girls could have suffered in Britain’s worst known abuse scandal where sex gangs targeted girls as young as 11 in the town of Telford. But as seen elsewhere across the land, the authorities refused to take action as the culprits all subscribe to the same peaceful  religion of Islam , which I am continuously informed by the left, fully respects women.

They have also revealed that a 14 year old girl groomed by a Muslim was along with her family murdered by the paedophile who targeted her. Yet so scared are the media and  authorities of being classed as racist, they referred to his victim as..his girlfriend. She became pregnant to him at the age of 14 he was 36.  The paper also revealed the following incompetent behaviour by those who get paid very well to protect children:
  • Social workers knew of abuse in the 1990s but police took a decade to launch a probe
  • Council staff viewed abused and trafficked children as “prostitutes” instead of victims, according to previously unseen files
  • Authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of “racism”
  • Police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened
  • One victim said cops tried to stop her finding out why her abusers had not been prosecuted because they feared she would talk to us
It has transpired that for over 40 years in the UK adult Islamic males have targeted little white girls for sex, fun and games. The pathetic people in charge, first of all refused to take action, have been found to have covered up incidents of mass paedophilia carried out by Islamic males. (Try and find one Islamic rape incident from the hundreds reported in the Uk, where the guilty are referred to as...paedophiles.) have arrested parents for confronting their children abusers, in fact in light of yet another mass Islamic paedophile ring in the Uk, the main story isn't about this, but rather about how somebody has sent a few letters to Muslims regards punish a Muslim day. If I didn't know better I'd say those in power are covering up the peccadilloes of Islamic males yet again.  Before anybody plays the f-ing 'race card, I was born into an Islamic family, it disgusts me that people are getting away with acts such as this, and by covering up such vile religious practices all the do-gooders are doing is polarizing the population into gravitating towards the right and as somebody with brown skin that doesn't fare well for me.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

France: 5 men jailed for the brutal beating of a 12 year old child because it was the Islamic thing to do.

(Paris) A Islamic Koran teacher has been jailed for one year for beating a 12-year-old child and for shaving off the boy’s “non-Koranic” hair, which was coloured blonde.

Last April in Paris at a class the child attended at the local mosque in which to mandatory be taught the koran , the 20 year teacher took umbrage at how the child’s hair had been dyed blond at the front, and so deeming it un-Islamic, in front of the class , he shaved the boys head down the middle. The child in turn took to pelting the teachers house with eggs, Not happy at this, the teacher complained to the child’s step-father , who apologised and sent round the child to clean up the mess.

However this brave Islamic Teacher wasn’t happy with that and invited 3 grown men around and when the child knocked on the door, they kidnapped him and beat him for over 2 hours. When the victim was finally released and arrived back home, his stepfather, ignored the boy’s swollen face and bruises.

Yesterday in court the teacher, along with three other men, was convicted of kidnapping and violence against a minor by the Pontoise criminal court on Friday, the teacher received 12 months in prison, four of which are suspended. The Three other defendants, including the 20-year-old teacher's brother, and two men aged 24 and 29, were tried for participating in the student's assault: they were sentenced to sentences ranging from six to eight months, four of which are suspended, superior to the requisitions. The step father also received a 6 month suspended sentence for ignoring child abuse.  The child was awarded 5000 Euros in damages.

This is exactly what happened to me, when I was a 10 year old child, in my case it wasn't blond hair, rather it was the Islamic bastard hitting my 7 year old sister, I actually whacked him.and this brave Gay death cult teacher got 2 men to hold me still by pulling my arms in opposite directions while he beat the crap out of me, the cunt who sired me did nothing and I was taken into care not long afterwards, never to go back into the clutches of such a backward barbaric cult. Imagine my surprise (Not) at hearing that this practice of beating children still continues within the Islamic community. Religion of peace my arse.  

US: USAF’s Predator retires after 22 years service.

(US) 23 years ago in 1995, the USAF ushered in the age of drone warfare with its first active deployment of the MQ-1B Predator when it was used over the skies. Whilst the use of UAVs wasn't new, the use of satellite technology in which to allow controllers in the US to pilot the UAV remotely and thus near to military and political leaders allowing real time answers to real time situations revolutionised the battlefield. The US now had a system which could monitor inaccessible areas 24 hours a day,  with no risk to the person flying it, in fact so impressed was the US, that it wasn’t long before they weaponised the Predator and drones fitted with Hellfire missiles were flying over Afghanistan by the latter part of 2001.

This ability to strike 24/7 in the middle of the enemies’ backyard soon earned the scorn of the do-gooders, the terrorists they champion and the liberal media, who quickly demonised the use of UAVs as robotic warfare which will result in unmanned killings. The irony here is that that each UAV has 2 pilots, backed up by a team of advisors there in real time, one who must have set foot on the ground in question. The go-head for any strike must be given from the head of department. In otherwords never has there been more people in the picture, plus (At the moment) UAVs don’t carry 2000lb bombs but rather precision guided weapons which by their very nature have a much smaller warhead. But hey its killings naughty people and to the left that is a crime.
Anyway, after almost 23 years of service, the USAF has finally retired the MQ-1B Predator to the history books .

Germany: Arab security guards thrown out of work for holding anti -Israel protest

(Berlin) On Thursday, 3 German born but from an Arabic background security guards hired to protect  ITB Berlin: the largest travel trade fair in the world, decided to hold a protest outside the Israel booth  screaming pro-Palestinian slogans that called for the destruction of the Jewish state.

The police were called and the security guards were thrown out of the fair , having been suspended on the spot. The Police have not pressed any charges, which has raised the question about the vetting process for security guards, who feel that religious affiliations overrule the rule of law. The firm in charge of security stated that the three men had been working for a "partner company," and that their responsibility at the ITB had been to coordinate traffic outside - a job for which no background checks were deemed necessary.

UK: 33 year old Mohammed jailed for sexual relationship with 14 year old

(Bradford) 33 year old Mohammed Khalid, has been jailed for 4 years for having an illicit relationship with a 14 year old girl for over a year.

It appears that Mohammed wined and dined this child by plying her with cannabis and alcohol for the girl during their relationship, which lasted from October 2016 to December last year. Even when the mother of the child on finding out informed him of her daughters age he carried on raping (Sex with a minor is rape) the girl.
Pedophile Mohammed Khalid
He was caught after police investigations into sexual grooming in the area had them knocking on the families door.  On checking his phone they quickly realised that Mohammed just like the person he was named after liked little girls.

What I can’t understand is if the Mother was concerned why didn’t she inform the police, seeing as it was  a good 9 months between her telling him and the police arresting him.

Friday, March 9, 2018

UK: Asylum seeker jailed for savage knife murder

(Birmingham) 27 year old Alaeldien Ahmed sneaked into the Uk on the back of a truck, he claimed asylum in 2016.During this time was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and spent three months in a secure unit in the UK

Alaeldien Ahmed
On the 31st of March , 57 year old Anthony Banting had just got off at a Tram stop , when Ahmed for no reason whatsoever attacked and stabbed him 50 times

Today in court he was jailed for 12 years (Apparently in the UK that counts as life) and on his release he will continue to live in the UK. Why? Are the  people who run this country so f-ing weak, that they  gave asylum to somebody with paranoid schizophrenia, who then carried out the most brutal murder for no reason whatsoever.  By all means jail him, then deport his arse back to Sudan. But they won’t as this oxygen thief has human rights. Unlike poor Mr Banting. And the liberals continue to demand we take more in, as it’s the right thing to do.

Afghanistan: Suicide bomber strikes Shia mosque. 7 dead.

(Kabul) You can always tell when its Friday in a large number of Islamic countries. Its when followers of the so called religion of peace decide to utter allah ackba usually in the midst of innocent people, be it a mosque, market or even school. So warped are they in their zealotry they actually believe murdering people is the quickest route to paradise.

And so it was today in the Afghan capital when one such follower of such a peaceful faith decided to utter those immortal words as he tried to enter a Shia religious gathering, killing 7 and injuring another 7.

Interlude: ABC - Poison Arrow

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Iran: Outrage over video of 8 year old girls dancing in public.

(Tehran)  A video of a dance group of 8 year old girls dancing in celebration of International Womans day in Iran, has outraged the mad Mullahs and their sycophants  according to sharia law :  grown women – an age that is set at nine years old – are forbidden to dance in front of anyone but their husbands.

Which is why when the  video of these girls dancing on a stage, whilst a crowd cheered them on surfaced , resulted in Tehran’s general prosecutor  announcing that he would open an investigation into this un-Islamic  matter. Tehran’s mayor responded by posting a photo of the girls on social media, in which it is clear that they are very young.

He told Iranian media that the girls were only 8 years old, so that nothing “un-Islamic” had occurred. As there is no such thing as freedom of speech or expression in any Islamic country never mind Iran, the Mayor had to be very careful and so he included that he also said that the dance show was controversial and so maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea, but he didn't see it as a major problem.

Not The Nine O'Clock News - Gerald the gorilla

A classic skit from the BBCs 'Not the Nine O/Clock News'. The man inside the Gorilla suit is Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean. Enjoy.

Iran: Sentences woman to 2 years in jail for removing head scarf.

(Tehran) I have to laugh at the many Islamic apologists  who live in the West and demand the right to cover up , claiming it is their human right , whilst remaining very silent on the lot of women living in those barbaric backward Islamic countries where women have to cover up by law.

Today in Iran, a woman was sentenced to 2 years in prison for taking off her headscarf in protest at the law. Tehran’s chief prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, who announced the sentence, stated that whilst the woman will be eligible for parole after three months, what he said was a “light” sentence and said he would push for the full two-year penalty.

On that note, can anybody explain why all these women who demand we change the law to accommodate their way of life, never bother their arse in going to live in Iran full time?

UK: Ex Russian Spy poisoned with nerve agent,

(London) In the Uk a very strange case is playing out, On Sunday  a former colonel in Russia’s military intelligence service, and his 33-year-old daughter were found slumped unconscious on a bench outside a shopping centre in the southern English city of Salisbury.

The man who was a spy for British intelligence was exchanged for a Russian spy  in 2010.  He was given a new home in the south of England  and until this weekend he was fine . His daughter who lives in Moscow was on a visit and after they had a meal , were both found to be slumped in the centre of the city. Police who attended the couple were also struck down leaving one police man in a serious condition. Today it has been revealed that a nerve agent was used and naturally everybody is looking at Russia.

UK: 2 Far right bigots jailed for abuse.

(Folkstone) Britain First is a fascist political organisation formed in 2011 by former members of the British National Party (BNP) and today 2 of its leaders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding were locked up after they targeted innocent people whom they thought were involved in an ongoing rape case in Ramsgate.

Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding (in front) with pure blood supporters.

That case saw 3 men jailed for a total of 49 years last September saw the far right group descend on the town in which to harass innocent people who due to the colour of their skin were incorrectly labelled as paedophiles.  One man lost his job and another claimed his wife miscarried due to the abuse thrown their way.

In court Fransen received a 36 week sentence and Golding was given 18 weeks.  Such is the way of the world both will come out of Prison as Muslims.

Sweden: Mass fight sees one man stabbed to death and others seriously injured.

(Helsingborg) On Tuesday evening at around 2030hrs in the Drottningshög  area of the city a mass brawl took place between a large number of young men which resulted in the death of 19 year old youth.

Another 5 admitted themselves to hospital for serious stab and slash wounds They have all been held for questioning. A 19 year old relative of the dead youth has been arrested for his murder.
As of Jan 1st 2012, 70.7% of the population of Drottningshög  had a foreign background. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Gaza: Hamas plans a 46 day tent protest on Israeli Border

(Gaza city) Hamas has rallied the folks in the Gaza Strip to hold a six-week-long tent city protest near the Israeli border, starting on March 30, demanding that Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their homes in Israel, organizers said on Wednesday.

So let me get this right. Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 when it had a population of around 1.5 million, 13 years later with a population close to 2 million, the locals are demanding that they be allowed to resettle inside Israel.  Funny enough that is exactly what is happening in Europe. Each and every nation from which people leave in which to find a better live elsewhere has a population issue and yet not one of the Western world’s leaders is willing to discuss the matter at hand for fear of been called a racist.

Anyway, back to Gaza, naturally Hamas will use the tented protest to get up to no good and naturally as is the case people will die and the world will blame…Israel.

France: Third rape case filed against Ramadan

(Paris) A 45-year-old woman filed a new rape case in France on Wednesday against Swiss academic Tariq Ramadan, the third against the Islamic studies professor, on Wednesday. The woman accused Ramadan of violent sexual assault on multiple occasions between early 2013 and June 2014.

Ramadan is a grandson of Hasan al-Banna, an Islamist thinker and activist who founded the Muslim Brotherhood. He enjoys a substantial following among young Muslims and has challenged French restrictions on wearing veils and is promoted amongst the ethical lattes drinkers as a modern day moderate Muslim , it appears they got that wrong, big style. 

Germany:Interior minister: Hatred against Germans is increasing in Berlin.

(Berlin) Andreas Geisel, Berlin’s interior minister, said on Wednesday that hatred towards Germans was on the rise in the capital, but cautioned that it was still far from the norm. The interior minister was responding to a long report published by Tagesspiegel on Tuesday which asked whether Berlin was becoming “a place of fear.” The newspaper reported on the individual experiences of various Berliners who had contacted the newspaper to argue that the city was becoming a place of “increased aggression and an intensified feeling of fear towards Berliners, that reported the following:

  • The story of a 18-year-old woman , who whilst sunbathing in a bikini was accosted by four Arab-born young men. They insulted her loudly as a "slut", and then berated her on how could she walk around like that.
  • Then there was the 60-year-old woman walking with her husband in a park and who was approached and asked by a young Arab man, if she would like to have sex with him in the bushes.
  • And it’s not just Non Muslims who are the target of this imported intolerance , a Arabic-speaking man whilst walking with his niece , was regaled to a flood of suggestive and obscene remarks behind him. Why? His niece wasn't wearing a headscarf.
  • And it’s not just women who are targeted, 70 year old Ernst Krüger, the sexton of the Kaiser Friedrich Memorial Church a man of the church, with tears in his eyes stated that he was asked in front of his church by a young Arab, whether he wanted to go into the bushes, "for sex".
And this polarization of the masses is also been witnessed by the very young. At a local school the headmistress relates:
 "We are on the way to the Middle Ages, I have seven-year-old schoolgirls who are wearing head-scarves."
We recently had a case where an Arabian father yelled at an eleven-year-old student:
 "I come to you and make you and your father dead."
Then we had the Arab father, who showed up in a day care centre with his son, saw the children playing and told the kindergarten director: "It is clear that my son does not play with girls."

We pay too little attention to many of the parents. Education to them does not matter, the only thing that does is religion .

Austria: 4 people stabbed in Capital, police searching for knife-man.

(Wien) Four people have been seriously injured in two separate knife attacks in Vienna on Wednesday evening.

The first stabbing took place near Prater Park, in Vienna's Second District, where an assailant attacked a family of three with a knife. The mother, father and their 17-year-old daughter are reported to be seriously injured .Thirty minutes later, the second stabbing took place in the same neighbourhood and one person was stabbed. Authorities say that this person's life is also in danger, as a result of the injuries.

Austrian police said they knew "absolutely nothing" about the possible suspect or whether the two incidents are related. They only indicated that they were searching for a male suspect. Police have been questioning several witnesses at the scene.
The neighbourhood of Praterstern, where both attacks took place, is home to much of Vienna's small Jewish community.

One Afghan male has been taken into custody in connection with the second assault, but no information has been forthcoming from the Police.